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Assist Health Supplies
The best choice for stairlifts in Alberta

Alberta’s newest DME provider, located in the heart of Calgary, Assist Health Supplies has a focus on independence in the home and a goal of revolutionizing the home healthcare buying experience.

Assist Health Supplies’ team currently boasts more than 40 years of experience and will offer a full line of durable medical equipment as well as other unique products.  Their staff are fully trained to help you find what you’re looking for, so call us today to schedule your home visit, or drop by their showroom to see what they could do for you.

They promise that their showroom will be one of the most interactive experiences their consumers have ever walked into. As well as a display showing every facet of the home, segregated into vignettes, they have a fully functional stairlift display so that you can find the right stairlift for you. Assist Health Supplies also offer a disabled fitness area where live classes and demonstrations take place and a sound stage for live music. They’re ready to help you get moving again, whatever it takes!

Assist Health Supplies - Serving Alberta

Address: 627 Manitou Rd SE, Calgary AB T2G 4C2

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