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How to find the best stairlift in Wild Rose Country

Find the perfect stairlift for you in Alberta. Call us today and stay in the home you love!

Our dealer in Alberta has been serving their local community for years. They’re a part of the community, and over the years have really got to know their customers. That’s how we know they give you personalized advice to help you find what you need to get your independence back.

Call us today and we’ll schedule a home visit with a Stannah trusted dealer. Each Stannah dealer is trained to carry out a survey and to find out exactly what you need. They’ll measure your stairs and help you find the right option for you. Contact us today so we can help get you moving forward!

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Assist Health Supplies

627 Manitou Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4C2, Canada

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Assist Health Supplies

Assist Health Supplies

Assist Health Supplies

Alberta’s newest DME provider, located in the heart of Calgary, Assist Health Supplies has a focus on independence in the home and a goal of revolutionizing the home healthcare buying experience. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, they offer a full line of durable medical equipment and their staff are fully trained to help you find what you’re looking for. Call us today to schedule your home visit, or drop by their showroom – they promise it’ll be one of the most interactive experiences their consumers have ever walked into.

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When you buy a Stannah stairlift you’re guaranteed:

Superior Manufacturing, exceptional quality and a dedicated after-sales service. For our over 150 years in the lifting industry, we've always put the customer first, and we're not changing now. Each one of our chairs is built for a different purpose. Each one meets different needs, so you just need to decide what you want, and we'll tell you the right chair for you. Stannah stairlifts fold away neatly when not in use so other people can carry on using your stairs as normal. Each technician who installs a Stannah stairlift is factory trained by us. That's how we can be sure that wherever you are, you'll get your stairlift installed safely.