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For People with Limited Flexibility

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When you have problems with your knees or your back, stairs are an issue you would probably prefer not to face. But this can mean losing your freedom and independence in your own home! You won’t have to with the Sadler stairlift from Stannah. This stairlift allows you to glide up and down your stairs while standing tall – without unduly stressing your knees or your back. You can move in and out of the chair with ease and complete dignity.

Key features & benefits

  • Stand-Up Seating – You’re seated in a fully supported near-standing position. Perfect if you suffer from back problems or have difficulty bending your knees.
  • Easy In, Easy Out – We calibrate the stairlift to your height, with a tilting seat to make getting in and out even easier.
  • Safe and Secure – The stairlift will not budge an inch until the seat belt is fastened (unless you’re moving it with the remote).
  • Perfect for Narrow Stairs – This unobtrusive stairlift is perfect for narrow stairs.
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Upholstery color

  • sadler grey swatch

Suitable for / Dimensions

  • CCurved stairs
  • NNarrow stairs

Width folded: 16”
Width unfolded: 26.7”
Min seat height: 19”
Max seat height: 19”
Outside edge of Rail (from wall):6”

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What our experts say about the Sadler

Tony Cardarelli
“The Sadler is a great chair for people who struggle with mobility. With the saddle-style seat, the user doesn’t have to bend his or her knees fully and can get in and out of the chair easily. Riding upright also makes it possible to install this chair on very narrow staircases.”

Key benefits

Stand up position

The Sadler is ridden in a supported standing position, which is ideal for people with back or knee problems.

Customised seat height

We adjust the seat height at the time of installation

Seat assistance

The seat-pad gently reclines as you lean on it, and assists you when standing from the riding position.

Non-slip seat

Soft ridges on the seat provide extra 'grip' while riding.

Fits narrow stairs

he Sadler can be installed on very narrow stairs (as little as 26¾” wide).

Easy to control

A soft, shaped control on the armrest only requires a light touch of the fingers or hand to start gliding up or down the stairs.

Unfolds easily

The footrest on the Sadler chair is raised and lowered by moving one of the armrests.

Immobilizer seat-belt

The seat belt must be engaged on the Sadler, ensuring a safe and secure ride.

Call and send

Remote controls at each landing allow you to call or send your Sadler – useful if two people are using the stairlift, or you want to store it out of sight.

Parks off stairs

The Sadler parks on the top landing, you you simply step away from it on arrival upstairs.

Sadler Detailed Specification


- Width folded: 16”
- Width unfolded: 26.7”
- Min seat height: 19”
- Max seat height: 19”
- Outside edge of Rail (from wall):6”


Max. weight range: 300 lbs

Power supply

All Stannah stairlifts run on powerful batteries that trickle-charge when the stairlift isn’t in use. If the power goes out? Depending on the length of the staircase, the Sadler will still run off the battery for up to 20 hours. In this instance, make sure you turn the stairlift on and off as needed.

The stairlift connects with regular 110 Volt household power outlets. Ideally, we will use one within 10’ of the top or bottom of the stairs. It is best if an outlet is permanently live. This means the stairlift is always able to charge without being accidentally turned off.

Battery lifespan: typically 3 – 5 years.

Safety features

- Immobiliser seatbelt
- Safety edges
- On/Off switch
- Chair arm isolation

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