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Looking for an affordable stairlift that is both safe and reliable? Look no further than the Scout! Competitively priced and equipped with many of the key safety features of our premium chairs, the Scout is a great option for straight stairs.

With a full-sized seat, ergonomic hand controls and a center clasp seatbelt, the Scout will help you move safely around your home. Upholstered with “Walnut” vinyl, the Scout is easy to clean and comfortable to ride.

Key features & benefits

  • An Affordable Stairlift – The Scout is equipped with exceptional features as standard, just as you’d expect from a Stannah.
  • Ideal for basement stairs – The Scout is designed for stairs with a door at the top, making it a perfect fit for basement stairs
  • Quality Design – While the Scout is our most affordable model, it is made with many of the proven components and safety features also found on our Siena and Starla chairs.
  • Easy to use Hand Control – The hand control is ergonomically designed, so you can use any part of your hand to operate the stairlift – ideal for arthritic fingers.
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Upholstery color


Suitable for / Dimensions

  • SStraight stairs

Width Folded: 16″
Width Unfolded: 25.9″
Min Seat Height: 15.6″
Max Seat Height: 20.6″
Outside Edge of Rail (from wall): 5.9″

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What our experts say about the Scout

“The Scout is a great chair for straight stairs, especially basement stairs with a door at the top. It’s a straight forward, affordable option but still a quality lift with some of Stannah’s best safety features. And for people who have hardwood floors, the Walnut upholstery is a perfect match!”

Key benefits

One step folding

Flip-up the arms or the seat and the footrest follows, folding flat for more space on your stairs.

Adjustable arms

At the point of installation, you can have the armrests of your Solus adjusted to size for extra comfort.

Easy to use swivel levers

Use the standard easy-to-operate manual swivel lever. or for those with limited strength in their hands, the optional one or two-way powered swivel, to get off your stairlift in the safest position.

Safety edges

Safety sensors around the footrest and carriage automatically detect any obstruction on your stairs, bringing your Solus to a safe and gentle stop.

Seat safety sensor

A sensor within the seat ensures your stairlift won't move until you're safely settled in your chair.

Removable link bars

If you need side access from a wheelchair, the link bars can be removed, enabling you to move safely and easily onto the chair.

Upholstery options

Available in hard-wearing woven, supple leather or durable vinyl upholstery. Solus is available in a range of contemporary colours to beautifully blend with your home.

Adjustable seat height

Ensures your stairlift seat and footrest are perfectly positioned to your height.

Easy-to-use seatbelt

Use the specifically designed seatbelt which can be fastened simply and easily with one hand.

Intuitive control

A gentle movement of the controls is all it takes to make your Solus glide effortlessly upstairs or downstairs.

Scout Detailed Specification


Min. width unfolded: 16"
Min. height unfolded: 25.9"
Min. width of folded up: 15.6"
Min. height of folded up: 20.6"
Outside edge of Rail (from wall): 5.9"


Max. weight range: 300 lbs

Power supply

All Stannah stairlifts run on powerful batteries that trickle-charge when the stairlift is not in use. What if the power goes out? Depending on the length of the staircase, the stairlift will continue to work for 10 – 20 return journeys, but will beep to let you know it’s not charging and to remind you to temporarily turn the stairlift off.

The stairlift connects with regular 110 Volt household power outlets. Ideally, we will use one within 10’ of the top or bottom of the stairs. It is best if an outlet is permanently live. This means the stairlift is always able to charge without being turned off by accident.

Battery lifespan: typically 3 - 5 years

Although Stannah use batteries that are readily available – they are commonly found in alarm systems etc. – they must be replaced by trained technicians. This ensures the electronics inside the stairlift are not damaged.

Safety features

Like all Stannah Stairlfits, The Scout is equipped with an over-speed governor to ensure that your lift always runs at the proper speed
The Scout’s batteries recharge automatically so your lift is always ready for use, ensuring multiple trips up and downstairs during a power outage.
The footrest and armrest fold up, so you can back into the chair, unobstructed.
Manual Swivel levers turn the chair so that the user can disembark in the safest position possible.

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