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Envisioning a Safer Tomorrow with Stannah’s Augmented Reality Stairlift App

With Stannah’s revolutionary Envisage app, you can pick out features for your stairlift and see what it will look like on your stairs.

Envisage app: the world of tomorrow

Augmented Reality: From Entertaining Fad to Useful Tool

You may recall looking out your window last summer and watching as an excited pack of teenagers frantically scurried through your neighborhood in search of virtual critters. With phones in hand and fingers poised for swiping, these Pokémon hunters seemed to be on every corner for a few months, until the weather turned and the fad lost steam. The Pokémon Go craze that swept the nation last year may have fizzled out, but the augmented reality (AR) technology behind the game still holds some intriguing possibilities for the future. At Stannah, we’ve developed a mobile app that incorporates this technology and reinforces our message of independence for seniors. By seeing what a Stannah stairlift will look like on their actual staircase, our customers get a better sense of the practical and aesthetic elements of our products, alleviating their concerns and helping them to make more informed decisions.

Stannah Apps: A Roadmap to Independence

Show the stairlift completely folded

For many seniors, reluctance to a stairlift purchase really comes down to an aversion to change. They see installing a stairlift as something negative: a sign that they’re growing older and becoming less capable. You may be experiencing these sorts of feelings yourself or maybe you know someone who is hesitant to address their mobility issues. The truth is, despite seniors’ concerns, installing a stairlift is a relatively unobtrusive process and a great way to maintain independence. It’s a long-term investment, designed to create a safer environment at home, helping seniors to thrive during the next stage of life. Stannah’s mobile app series reinforces this message by telling our story in a way that invites the user to become a part of it. The Envisage app, in particular, is a great tool, as it allows you to choose the features you want on your stairlfit and then get a firsthand preview of what it will look like on your staircase.

How will it fit?

Show the stairlift colors and fabrics

One of the most common concerns raised in opposition of a stairlift is that the staircase is too narrow or doesn’t have a wall. Using the Envisage iPad app, we can display a digital rendering of a stairlift on your actual staircase. It can show the lift folded or unfolded and placed on either side of the staircase. This also reveals key design features, like that fact that the stairlift is fixed to the stair treads and not the wall.

How will it look?

Show how the stairlift will look like in the stairs

If you’ve spent long hours perfecting your home decor, aesthetics are just as important as the logistics. Envisage can display the full range of Stannah stairlift models, with all their various rail configurations, upholstery types and a range of color swatches. There’s no such thing as an invisible stairlift, but seeing how a Stannah can fit in with the rest of your home can relieve a lot of the apprehension many seniors feel.

How will it work?

stairlift real life simulatorEnvisage shows real in stairs

Despite a spike in awareness over the last decade, most people still aren’t entirely familiar with how a stairlift works. The Envisage app allows potential customers to view a “storyboard” that digitally displays key functions, such as the footrest fold button, the chair swiveling at the top of the stairs and the optional retractable rail feature. If you’re not able to visit one of our showrooms (Contact), this is a great way to get a better understanding of the finer points of a Stannah stairlift.

While technology is a helpful tool, our people are still our best resource. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you make the best choice for you and your family. We don’t pressure our customers, instead we rely on quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service to get our message across. We’re confident in our products and invite you to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Written by Stannah at 24-08-2017