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Stairlift Batteries

Discover everything you need to know about stairlift batteries. How long do they last? What’s involved in a stairlift battery replacement?

battery powered stairlift

Do stairlifts have batteries?

Yes. Stairlifts run on batteries that receive a constant charge from the main power supply; this is the case for both curved and straight stairlifts.

Stannah stairlifts employ a battery-powered rack and pinion drive system that is continuously being charged by a nearby outlet at the top or bottom of your stairs. This means all you’ll need is a regular outlet near the stairs, and your stairlift will be ready to go! The power supply will keep the chair lift batteries charged and ready to be used at all times. During your commitment-free stairs survey, one of our experienced advisers will identify the most convenient outlet, so you need not worry about this.

You’ll also get added peace-of-mind, knowing that a Stannah battery operated chair lift will have your back when you need it most. During a power outage, the stairlift batteries will continue to work, getting you safely to your destination. Even if the power outage takes a while, fully charged batteries are good for at least 15 to 20 rides up and down your stairs. You can read more on power outages here.

The kind of battery a stairlift uses

Stannah stairlift batteries consist of two rechargeable 12v 7.4 ah batteries wired in series to run a 24-volt dc power motor, the stairlift’s batteries are VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries). A Stannah stairlift model 260 on stairs of 12 meters or longer, or heavy duty stairlifts need more power therefore these operate on two 12v 12ah batteries. This is about the same as a tennis ball machine but less than a golf caddy battery.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are designed to keep the electrolyte captive. This means that it’s protected from spilling, even if the battery is punctured. This type of security system makes Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries the most popular reserve power design out there.

The kind of battery a stairlift uses

How long do stairlift batteries last before they need to be replaced?

Stannah stairlift batteries generally last around 3 to 5 years, of course this depends on the usage and if the stairlift is often left off its charge point. When not in use, your stairlift should never be left off its charge point. Your stairlift should also be left in the “On” position under normal circumstances. Only in the case of a power outage, should you save battery power by turning off the isolator switch when you aren’t using the stairlift. This is, however, a measure that’s only to be used in case of a (power outage) emergency. If you keep your stairlift turned off, the batteries will not receive the proper charge.

The type of your stairs is of no consequence to the battery systems, both for curved stair lifts or straight stairlifts, your stairlift will use the same kind of battery with the same product specifications and power system. The length of the stairs does have an impact, as you’ll use the stairlift longer than on a short flight of stairs. As mentioned in the paragraph above, the batteries used in a Stannah model 260 installed on stairs of 12 meters or longer, or heavy duty stairlifts would have two 12v 12ah batteries instead of 12v 7.4 ah batteries, for example.

Stairlift batteries maintenance

Your Stannah stairlift batteries won’t need maintenance, making sure it’s never left to long off its charging point is really all you need to think about. This simply means “parking” your stairlift after every ride. During your commitment free stair survey, one of our experienced advisors will provide you with all the information you need on important issues, like service plans; it is, however, common for stairlift batteries to be covered under an initial warranty or an extended service plan.

During a routine maintenance check, the stairlift technician will check the current battery set and use battery testers to measure if the batteries are still charging properly. The battery testers will indicate if a replacement battery is needed or if the current stairlift batteries are still viable.

We strongly advice against replacing your own stair lift battery. Replacing the battery of your straight or curved stairlift might not seem overly complicated, but it can be tricky, if you aren’t trained on the product. Replacing a stairlift battery means you’ll need to remove some parts of the stairlift carriage, extract the old battery and install a new battery of the correct voltage. Then you’ll have to make sure to put the chair lift carriage back together the way it should be. A professional Stannah technician, a representative from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer can take care of the replacement for you, ensuring you and your loved one’s safety.

How do I know when to replace my stairlift battery?

Stairlift batteries

Stairlift replacement batteries

If your batteries are running low, you won’t be startled by buzzing alarm systems going off or flashing emergency lights lighting up your staircase. What you can expect when your stairlift battery is nearing end of life are the following signs:

In the latter case your stair lift battery has been completely drained and won’t charge again. At this point you’ll need to replace it. Again, our recommendation would be to please make sure a professional technician takes care of this for you.

The batteries are charged every time you use your stairlift and park it, this is important because it guarantees your batteries are always charged. Should you go away for a longer period of time, for example on vacation, it’s a good idea to have someone come over to water your plants and take a ride on your stairlift for you.

Stairlift batteries costs

When it comes to the price of stairlift replacement batteries it’s best to contact your local Stannah office or dealer directly. You might be under warranty or benefit from an (extended) service plan. One of our trained customer service agents will be happy to help you, either over the phone or during your commitment-free visit at home. This goes for all your stairlift replacement batteries queries. Who can help you better than a stairlift manufacturer who’s been in the lifting business for more than 150 years?

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Written by Stannah at 16-09-2019