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The manufacturing process of products can often be quite surprising. This is because people usually don’t think about what goes on behind-the-scenes of a brand, product or service.

We want you to get to know us better by taking a peek at the journey your stairlift goes on, from engineering to installation. You’ll see for yourself that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The skills and talents of our staff are a vital part of our success. At Stannah, we know the progress we’ve managed to make is all thanks our excellent employees. Together, the generations that have worked with us in the last 150 years and the people working across the Stannah Group today, have helped shape us as a business. We provide safe, co-operative and friendly working environments that foster individual wellbeing and promote teamwork, while passing on our business ethics. That means the quote below is just as important in our business today as it was when our founder wrote it back in the 1800s.

‘Acquire the habit of doing everything well’ Joseph Stannah

A family business with over 150 years of experience

Stannah family

Stannah family

Joseph Stannah started the Stannah family business 150 years ago. He was an exceptional engineer who turned his hand to everything from hoists and cranes to stuffing boxes for locomotives and lifts for cars. Today, our business is managed by Jon, Patrick, Nick and Alistair Stannah, Joseph’s great, great grandchildren. And because we’re still a family business, our values are an essential part of what we stand for. Because we’re not beholden to shareholders, we can make all our own decisions, and we want you to know that you come first.

But don’t take our word for it. We are proud members of several associations around the world that recognize and reward fair trade, above and beyond customer care and customer ratings.

Stannah is particularly proud to be a part of the CAOT’s (Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists) Product Recognition Program. The program was created with the goal of creating a system where certified occupational therapists judge a product and recommend it to their customers if they find it meets their needs. As the CAOT is an impartial organization, it means a lot to Stannah that we are the exclusive stairlift holder of their seal of recognition.

CAOT seal of recognition

Stairlift engineering – behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at the Stannah factory, researchers, engineers and technicians are busy working out how they can help you get the most out of our stairlifts. Their work is never done because they’re continually working to make our stairlifts safer and more comfortable.

Stannah stairlift factory

Stannah stairlift factory

It gives us peace of mind to know that we always provide the highest levels of service. That’s the only way we can operate. Knowing that you are safe and comfortable in your home is of utmost importance and each step of our process is meticulously monitored to lead up to that goal. In our Engineering Director’s own words:

“There is a rich and successful history of engineering at Stannah and with that comes a wealth of knowledge within the team, systems and tools. Being able to access this is invaluable and reassuring when making decisions. My role is about ensuring the engineering team have what they need to deliver creative ideas and fantastic products. One day I can be looking at business processes, prototyping technologies, facilities and the next new patents and engineering challenges. This requires me to have understanding of multiple areas and be in touch with the latest technologies and thinking.”

parts of your Stannah stairlift

At Stannah, we manufacture all the parts that make up your stairlift.

We can be sure of the quality because our own in-house engineers make every part of our stairlifts in our own factories. Because we control the whole process, we can be sure that only the safest materials and best practices are used.

Stannah produces all the parts of your stairlift

Stannah doesn’t rely on third-parties to produce your stairlift parts

We are manufacturers. We don’t rely on third-parties to produce your stairlift parts. That means we can test each stairlift rigorously to make sure that it meets the highest standards of quality, comfort and safety.


Stannah laser cutting machine

The result is a robust, durable stairlift that will stand the test of time, keeping you moving for years to come.

At Stannah, we have the freedom to invest in innovation. That means that if one of our engineers has an idea they think would make you safer or more comfortable, we have the freedom to investigate it. Only the best work practices are implemented when we make our stairlifts. We invest in training our staff until they are specialists in their art.


Stannah is proud to be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau

This is a certification necessary to meet Canadian health and safety standards. That means we are certified to fabricate and weld stairlift rail components for the Canadian market. To earn the certification, we had to adhere to extremely strict regulations. If fact, since the Canadian Welding Bureau is the strictest in the world, it means that some of our machines aren’t ‘qualified’ to weld certain part of our stairlifts – so we have certified people doing the welding, making sure that at each stage of the process, all regulations are met or even surpassed.

It was a lot of work, but it was well worth earning the certification so that we could be sure our welding practices are the best they can possibly be. We’ll keep working to improve and streamline our procedures, to make sure they truly are the best on the market.

It gives us peace of mind to know that we always provide the highest levels of service. That’s the only way we can operate. Knowing that you are safe and comfortable in your home is of utmost importance and each step of our process is meticulously monitored to lead up to that goal. Call us to find out more about how we tailor our stairlifts to your specific needs.

Stannah engineering apprentice

Stannah lift engineering apprentice

Stannah has a long history of apprentice recruitment. As many as 300 of our lift engineers working in our 11 service branches all over the UK started out in the Stannah apprenticeship scheme.

Because we are a family-run business we can make sure our standards exceed regulations. We have gained ISO certifications in the areas of quality management of business and Health and Safety management. As well as that, the British Healthcare Trades Association makes sure that our customer care goes beyond all legal obligations.

Stairlift rail production – behind the scenes

From start to finish, we design, make and install a stairlift rail that is the perfect fit for your stairs. We have our own rail factory next to our stairlift factory so both your stairlift and rail can be customized to meet your personal needs, and those of your stairs.

stairlift rail production

Stannah stairlift rail production

We are engineers, but we understand that you care about more than the mechanics of your stairlift. That’s why we’ve worked on the rail design – so that it fits seamlessly into your home. The rail in the picture may look crude, but you’ll be surprised how elegant it will look on your stairs once it’s finished. It hugs every bend and curve as closely as possible, leaving more room for other people to use your stairs.

One thing Stannah curved rails really stand out for is how smooth they are, because they’re split into as few pieces as possible for transportation. That means there are fewer joins along the rail, making your journey up your stairs that much smoother.

We are also constantly looking for ways to minimize our impact on the environment across the business and make the best use of our precious resources. From our re-use program for stairlifts, to recycling paint powder, replacing polystyrene packaging with cardboard and reducing waste in our offices, we are continually looking for ways to make our business as environmentally friendly as possible.

A Stannah sales consultant gives you advice you can trust

A home visit from a Stannah mobility expert

It’s not just what we sell that we take great care over, how we sell, deliver and service is just as important to us – and you.

From the moment you contact us at our call centre, we do everything we can to make sure your experience at every step of your purchase lives up to the Stannah name. Buying a stairlift is a big decision. One we know you don’t take lightly, and we don’t either. We want to make sure we provide you with quality service from your first contact with us. We have a friendly team trained on our whole range who are waiting for your call.

During your first call with us we ask you a few questions about your staircase and yourself to help us understand what your needs are and how we can help you. If you need more information or would like a quote, we arrange for one of our sales consultants to pay you a home visit, so they can give you advice specific to you and your home.

Firstly, our consultants will talk to you to understand your wants and needs. We’ve thought about those days when your arthritis is playing up and we’ll make sure that your stairlift includes an ergonomic seatbelt. We’ll assess what the best stairlift is for your specific needs.

Next, they will measure your staircase, assessing what type of rail it needs, and if any preparatory work (such as installing an extra power socket) is required. Then our consultant will have all the information they need to give you some considered options and you can choose any additional features or upholsteries you might like (they can even show you what your stairlift might look like once it’s installed using our Envisage tool).

Only after measuring your staircase precisely and meeting you in person are our consultants able to provide an accurate, no-obligation quote for the best solution for you. You can then decide – in your own time – whether you would like to go ahead and order. And remember, the price you’re quoted will be the price you pay, with no hidden extras.

Your stairlift is ready and on its way to your home.

Throughout our manufacturing process we have a range of quality checks which end with us testing every single stairlift carriage before it leaves our factory to ensure our stairlifts meet our stringent quality criteria.

Stairlift rail production

Our testing regime is second to none and every major component of every design is tested for 25,000 return journeys – the equivalent of 10 years of use. What’s more, we test throughout the manufacturing process, even when a design is past the testing phase and into production. Every individual unit we make is tested to capacity before it can leave the factory. Our curved rails, which are made according to drawings specific to each staircase, are even tested for ride quality before being authorized for shipment.

Stannah delivers stairlifts around the world

And regardless of where you live, we’ll make sure your stairlift is delivered to anywhere around the world on the promised date and time, through one of our trusted dealers or subsidiaries.

A Stairlift installation: a couple of hours is all it takes

Stannah stairlift installation

The installation itself should only take a couple of hours. It is a quick process that won’t cause too much disruption to you or your home. How? A stairlift attaches to your stairs, not your walls. That means no damage to your walls and very little disruption to your home. You won’t need planning permission and you don’t need to worry about taking up your carpet.

You can be home during the installation, and you can even watch our friendly technicians as they work. There is very little mess, but our expert installation teams carry a vacuum cleaner with them, so they can clean up after themselves and leave your home as tidy as they found it.

As part of your installation, you will be shown how to use all the features of your stairlift. Most importantly, we’ll stay with you until you’re 100% confident you can use your stairlift safely.

Once your stairlift has been installed, you’ll soon discover:

All it takes to get started is for you to contact our team of advisors. Call, click or come in to one of our showrooms and within minutes we can book an assessment for you.

Stannah in the world

Stannah delivers around the world

There’s a reason we’ve been able to take our business around the world, to over 40 countries spread over 5 continents. It’s because we take pride in providing an excellent product.

Stannah is recognized around the world as the company that brings freedom, independence and a strong sense of safety back to anyone who has difficulty overcoming the challenges posed by the stairs in their home. Indoors and outdoors, there are more Stannah stairlifts installed around the world than any other brand.

Every day, we reach more and more customers, improving their quality of life and helping them increase their independence. We’re extremely proud to be a leading provider of stairlifts worldwide, because it means we can help more and more people live at home for longer in comfort and safety.

Our 150 years in the lift industry has made us a company you can rely on. We give you:

We are proud of being a world-leading company with a family ethos. We know that developing the skills and talents of our 1,700 employees is vital to our continuing success. We’ve reached the perfect balance, achieving global success without compromising our ideals. That’s what makes us a great company to work for and do business with.

Written by Stannah at 07-08-2018