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Chairlifts for straight and curved stairs

Which Stannah Stairlift is best to help you remain in the home you love?

What is a Stairlift?

A stairlift (sometimes called "stair lift" or "chairlift") is a piece of accessibility equipment, consisting of a chair that carries you safely up and down stairs, along a straight or curved rail that is secured to your stair treads. Stairlifts prevent falls, eliminating your stairs as a barrier and allowing you to enjoy the full use of your home.

A Stannah Stairlift can help you take control of your stairs, giving your family members peace of mind and giving you a greater sense of independence in the home you love.

How can we help?

Stairlifts for straight stairs

Stairlifts for straight stairs

For a single flight of stairs

  • Single, elegant and customizable rail
  • Fixed on the steps as well as the walls
  • Fold away neatly so they don’t obstruct your stairs
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Stairlifts for curved stairs

Stairlifts for curved stairs

Including narrow or steep spiral staircases or with several landings

  • Millimetric photo survey for perfect fit
  • Park next to the stairs, leaving a clear access for others
  • Fixed to the steps or the walls
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Outdoor stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts

Made to withstand wet and cold climates

  • Robust and completely snow-resistant and waterproof
  • Always clean and dry thanks to the waterproof cover
  • It comes with security keys to prevent misuse
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A stairlift does a lot more than give you back your freedom of movement

It gives you back the independence you thought you’d lost. Just knowing you can get around your house in comfort and complete safety is a weight off your mind. And not just yours, your friends and family will feel better too. They can rest easy, comforted by the knowledge that you’re safe on your staircase, whether it’s indoor, outdoor, straight or curved.

A Stannah stairlift is carefully built by people who want to make your life better, to meet your wants and needs. We design your stairlift chair to fit you, and custom-make the rail of your stairlift to fit your home so that you can feel safe and comfortable getting up and down your stairs. It’s the little things that make a big difference to your comfort, so we spend time getting to know you and your needs during our in-home consultation and stair assessment. It’s only after we’ve spoken with you and precisely measured your stairs, that we give you personalized advice about the perfect stairlift for you.

Our chair lifts for stairs can give you the freedom you’re looking for. Whether you’re feeling the effects of aging, and painful joints are making your stairs an obstacle, you’re disabled or use a wheelchair, or you have impaired mobility in your lower body, we can help you feel at home again.

A stair lift means:

Join the over 750,000 people worldwide who got their homes and lives back when they bought a Stannah stairlift. Call us now.

Improve your quality of life

Find out exactly how a stairlift can make your life better.

Do you need help climbing the stairs?

Do you need help climbing the stairs?

Get your independence back with a Stairlift.

Give your loved ones their independence back too. You’re both putting yourselves in danger on the stairs, when there’s a much safer option.

Are you at risk of injuring yourself?

Are you at risk of injuring yourself?

Avoid falling and injuring yourself with a Stairlift.

Once we get to a certain age our bodies start to take longer to recover from injuries. A small injury now could cause you pain for years to come.

Does climbing the stairs hurt your knees?

Does climbing the stairs hurt your knees?

With a stairlift you can take away the pain of climbing the stairs and stop avoiding your staircase. The worry of falling is completely taken away.

Yes, a Stairlift will make my life better

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the price of a stairlift?

The price of a stairlift depends on many factors. Some of those factors are related to your personal needs, and others are determined by the configuration of your stairs. We’re here to help you determine all of those factors, and we consider it to be part of our service, to give you free, no obligation information about the best stairlift to suit your needs. When you book a home visit we come to your house to find out about you and give you all the information you need, as well as an accurate quote for what you need. Call us now to schedule your visit and find out the price of the stairlift to fit you and your house.

2. How much does installation cost?

It’s free. At Stannah we don’t do things by halves. Our job is only done when you have your stairlift fully installed by a trained professional, and they’ve made sure you’re comfortable using the perfect stairlift for you. That’s why we don’t charge for installation. We also know that by installing it ourselves, your stairlift will meet all the health and safety regulations it was built to meet, and that you can be as safe as possible on your staircase. Give us a call now to find out what else we offer as part of our service.

3. Can Stannah stairlifts go around bends in the stairs?

Yes, they can. We make two types of stairlifts, straight and curved. During your home assessment an advisor will measure your stairs to find out which would fit best. Then, when you order your stairlift, the precise measurements of your staircase are sent to one of our Stannah factories where work begins on your rail. We’re extremely proud of our rails for curved stairs, as we’ve worked hard over the years to make them: take up as little space on your stairs as possible, by fitting them as close to the edge of your stairs as we can; as smooth as possible, to give you a smoother ride; easily installable, by making a scale model of your stairs in our factory, so we can make sure it fits before it leaves us. Want to find out more about what makes our curved rails different? Call us today.

4. Does Stannah sell a stand/perch stairlift?

Yes, it does. Check out our product pages to see the Sadler – the exact midpoint between a perch seat and a chair, allowing you to take the weight off your legs while staying upright. Perfect for people with limited mobility in their hips and knees, it’ll carry them up the stairs effortlessly, at the push of a button. Added safety features like anti-slip ridging on the seat and an ergonomic seatbelt will give you a feeling of complete safety. A feeling that will leave you feeling like the master of your home again. If the Sadler sounds like the right option for you, give us a call today to schedule your home visit.

5. My stairs are extremely narrow, can you still fit a stairlift?

We’ve been in the lifting industry for over 150 years and have manufactured stairlifts for over 40. We’ve seen a lot of stairs in our time, and we’ve worked hard to make our stairlifts as adaptable as possible, which is why we’re pretty sure that even if you have the narrowest of stairs, we can install a stairlift on them. If you’re still not sure, give us a call. We’ll send an advisor over to your house for free to have a look at your stairs and tell you your options. Giving you free information and advice with no strings attached is part of our service – take advantage of it!

6. Can I rent a Stannah stairlift?

Yes. Stannah stairlifts can be rented by Stannah directly and by select dealers across Canada. If you’re only going to need a stairlift for a short amount of time, a rental could be exactly what you need to get you moving again. To find out about rental options in your local area, give us a call. We’re sure our free installation and removal, and free maintenance throughout your rental period* will live up to your expectations!

*terms and conditions of rentals may vary across our dealer network

If you want to get more answers to questions other customers have asked, take a look at our FAQ page. If you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for, give us a call, we’re always happy to help!