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Need Your Stannah Stairlift Removed? We Can Help!

If you’re ready to have your Stannah stairlift removed, our professional team can assist you. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Stairlift removals

If you have a stairlift in your home and no longer want it, we can remove it for you. Whether you bought it directly from the manufacturer, purchased from a Stannah dealer or inherited it from the previous owner, you’ll still have access to removal services. However, we will only remove Stannah stairlifts.

Our professional team will remove your stairlift sustainably. That means recycling as many parts as possible and disposing of the rest in an environmentally conscious way. Due to time and transportation costs, there is a removal fee. Ask your local Stannah dealer for details.

Temporary removal

Only need your stairlift removed temporarily? We can accommodate temporary removals for things like carpet installation and furniture moving. Just bear in mind that there will be costs associated with both removal and re-installation of your stairlift.

Moving your stairlift

If you’re moving to a new house, it is likely that your stairlift will need to be replaced or adjusted to fit the stairs in your new home. Contact Stannah today to discuss this process in more depth.

Buyback service on stairlifts

If your Stannah stairlift is less than three years old and in good condition, it may be eligible for buyback. Contact your local Stannah dealer to see if your stairlift qualifies for a partial buyback.

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