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How to find the best stairlift in Greater Montreal

Do you need a stairlift in Montreal? Stannah’s local dealer in Quebec is sure to have what you’re looking for. Call now to get personalized advice!

Wherever you are in Montreal and the surrounding areas, schedule your free stair survey today. Our local dealer will come to you, and give you advice tailored to your needs and to your house. Their friendly team of local experts will be able to help you find exactly what you need.

At Stannah, we factory train each and every technician that will install one of our stairlifts. That’s how we can make sure they meet the highest health and safety regulations. Call us now and in no time, our trusted dealer in Montreal will be installing your stairlift.

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Atlas Inc

8255, Boul. Laframboise, St-Hyacinthe, PQ J2R 1E8

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Atlas Inc

Atlas Inc

Atlas Inc.

Atlas Inc has long been a leading force in the Quebec accessibility market. Since becoming a trusted Stannah dealer, they’ve been able to use their experience to excel as a full-service distributor. Call today to learn more about how Atlas can help you travel up and down the stairs in comfort and safety.

  • Opening hours: 7:30am - 5:00pm
  • Monday to Friday
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Why Choose Stannah?

Value. It’s a tricky term that carries all sorts of different meanings in today’s society. Most of the time when you hear a company talk about value, they mean cheap. At Stannah, we don’t agree. Value is about so much more than simply the price tag. What else are you getting? Is the product built to last or something that will break down on you in a few months? If there is a problem, will the company be there to make things right or will you struggle to get in touch with them? At Stannah, we stand behind our products and our customers. Our stairlifts are sturdy and built to last. And at the end of the day, we’ll be there for you. That’s true value. Give us a call now to get to know us better. You’ll see what we mean.

Stairlift pricing in Montreal

Price is an important part of deciding which stairlift to buy, but it’s not the only factor. We need to know the particulars in order to provide you with accurate pricing. During your free home visit, a Stannah stairlift expert will have a conversation with you about your needs, as well as the particulars of your staircase. They’ll also discuss some of the styling options available, as the stairlift will be an important part of your home for years to come. At the end of the visit, you’ll be left with a firm price quote that details the options discussed and what each would cost. After that, it’s up to you. No games. No pressure tactics. Just a simple quote in black and white. Give us a call now to get your free quote.