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Stairlift Engineering – It’s a never-ending process

We’re always improving and pushing ourselves to build the best stairlift out there.

Behind the scenes at the Stannah factory, researchers are busy working out how they can help you get the most out of our stairlifts. They work closely with our stairlift engineers, and together, they draw up a plan.

Stannah Stairlift Engineering

We are working hard on your stairlift to make your life as comfortable as possible. How?

  • We only answer to ourselves so we have the freedom to invest in innovation. That means that if one of our engineers has an idea they think would make you safer or more comfortable, we have the freedom to investigate it.
  • Because we are a family-run business we can make sure our standards exceed regulations. We have gained ISO certifications in the areas of quality management of business and Health and Safety management.
  • Because we make each stairlift ourselves, we can promise you it’s reliable and safe. Our quality control makes sure of that. It also means that we only use the safest materials.
  • Our stairlifts are tested for 25,000 consecutive return journeys, but that’s a minimum. Stannah stairlifts are built to last decades.
  • Only the best work practices are implemented when we make our stairlifts. We invest in training our staff until they are specialists in their art.
  • Added features. We’ve thought of those days when your arthritis is flaring up and now our standard indoor stairlift models come with an ergonomic seatbelt. You only need one hand to fasten it so you’re safe traveling downstairs – even on those difficult mornings.
  • We are engineers but we understand that you care about more than the mechanics of your stairlift. That’s why we have worked on the design, so that it fits seamlessly into your home.


Stannah is proud to be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau

This is a certification necessary to meet Canadian health and safety standards. That means we are certified to fabricate and weld stairlift rail components for the Canadian market. To earn the certification, we had to:

  1. Document the welding-related experience of our welding supervisors and engineers.
  2. Employ enough Welding Supervisors to control our welding operations. Each Welding Supervisor had to have welding-related experience and had to complete written and verbal examinations.
  3. Submit our welding procedures for approval.
  4. Qualify our welders – which involves testing them on the processes and positions of welding they use in production.
  5. Be reviewed and recommended for certification and review and sign the CWB Group Service Agreement.

Once certified, from time to time, a Canadian Welding Bureau Group representative will visit us to complete an audit report and provide assistance.

It was a lot of work, but it was well worth earning the certification so that we could be sure our welding practices are the best they can possibly be. We’ll keep working to improve and streamline our procedures, to make sure they truly are the best on the market.

It gives us peace of mind to know that we always provide the highest levels of service. That’s the only way we can operate. Knowing that you are safe and comfortable in your home is of utmost importance and each step of our process is meticulously monitored to lead up to that goal. Call us to find out more about how we tailor our stairlifts to your specific needs.