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Stannah Certified Dealers

At Stannah, we take every care to live up to the excellent reputation we’ve built over the years, and that means we carefully select each dealer we work with. Potential dealers are scrutinized to ensure their values and service meet the Stannah standard. They have to prove that they:

  • Have a customer-focused approach
  • Demonstrate an ethical business manner
  • Have completed the Stannah installation and service training

In making sure our dealers meet our standards, we ensure we can build long-standing relationships with reliable partners across the country and around the world.

Our process is designed to ensure that a high standard of training and safety management is developed and maintained by all Stannah distributors. Once a dealer is accepted as a Stannah-approved distributer, they will receive our full support from day 1. That means they’ll have access to our full range, as well as regular technical training from our stairlift experts.

We maintain close relationships with our dealers, as these partnerships are critical, not only to our reputation, but to your safety. You can rest assured that when you’re working with one of our certified dealers, you’ll be getting the same experience as if you were working with us directly.

We hold ourselves and our partners to extremely high standards, to make sure you get the service you expect.

Don’t take our word for it. Call us today to see how quickly one of our trusted dealers could get your stairlift installed.