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Written by Stannah at 13th April 2020

Contact-Free Stairlift Installations

How we've made our installation process safer

With current public health concerns, Stannah has stepped up its efforts to meet the needs of our community, while also making sure we keep our customers and employees as safe as possible. Safety has always been our top priority. During this uncertain time, it’s more important than ever that we earn your trust, by meeting and exceeding ethical safety standards. If you don’t need a stairlift installation right now, that’s ok. You can still ask questions and get a free quote through a phone or video appointment. That way, you can get the information you need, without having to meet with a Stannah representative in person.

For those who do have an immediate need for a stairlift, we want to reassure you that we’re doing everything possible to keep you and your family safe. That means following public health guidelines, eliminating direct contact and utilizing protective gear. Here are some of the steps we’re taking.

  1. Contact-free installations are now our standard. Before the technician arrives, we’ll call, so you can leave the door open and wait in a nearby room.
  2. Installers are equipped with glovessafety masks and disinfectant wipes.
  3. We’ll follow social distancing guidelines throughout the installation, answering any questions you might have from a safe distance.
  4. After your installation has been completed, we’ll thoroughly wipe down your stairlift, making sure it is clean and ready for use.
  5. Next, we’ll demonstrate how to use your stairlift at a safe distance or you can schedule a remote demonstration later.
  6. Where possible, we’re using digital documents, rather than traditional handover paperwork.
  7. Company vehicles are wiped down regularly, especially in the high-touch areas.
  8. Although they’ll be wearing gloves in your home, all employees have been instructed to wash their hands frequently.
  9. Our installers are also taking common sense measures at home to limit their exposure.
  10. Any employee showing symptoms or feeling unwell, will be asked to stay home and self-quarantine.

We’re in this together. We all have to do our part to move beyond this moment and reclaim our sense of normal. For now, part of that means staying home safely. We’re doing everything we can to help you do just that.